Assertive Camera


Apical’s range of ISPs represents latest advances in high dynamic range, noise reduction, color management and other technologies.

They are under continuous development to meet evolving market demands and achieve highest possible image quality.

Key feature End user benefit
High resolutions, data rates, high precision, low power Supports up to 256MP at data rates over 500MHz. Bayer data from 10 to 16 bits per pixel
World-leading embedded HDR functionality All forms of in-sensor, multi-frame and single-frame HDR supported within “always on” video and still modes, using Apical’s “iridix” local tone mapping engine. Better highlights and shadows.
State of the art noise reduction Sophisticated 2D and 3D noise reduction algorithms give unmatched low-light performance and high ISO performance
Advanced capture modes Zero Shutter Lag, Still + Video, Burst, ZSL HDR are supported
Accurate colors in all conditions Intelligent color management gives natural colors in all conditions
Advanced functions Digital anti-shake, digital anti-fog, multiple simultaneous broadcast-quality zoom/rescale
Low cost Optimised for low silicon area implementation in geometries down to 28nm.


Apical employs numerous technologies for creation of both software and hardware components to enable rapid development, verification, customizability and support.


In addition to all standard ISP functions, Apical’s ISPs provide

  • Space-variant WDR/HDR processing (“iridix”)
  • A wide range of WDR/HDR capture modes for still and video
  • Advanced spatial (2D) noise reduction (“sinter”)
  • Motion-compensated temporal (3D) noise reduction (“temper”)
  • Pixel-by-pixel digital ISO control
  • Auto Exposure for single or multiple exposure sensors
  • Advanced Auto White Balance and color processing
  • Auto Focus
  • Lens shading correction via multiple algorithms
  • Digital Image Stabilization
  • 3D capture support

We use a unique and powerful system for building ISP firmware which yields high performance and is readily customized to different end use applications.

We support image quality tuning via a suite of calibration and control applications.



The ISP comprises a full hardware pixel pipeline capable of high pixel throughput at low power, together with camera control firmware incorporating 3A algorithms.

The IP core is proven in production silicon to 40nm.

Hardware pipe Firmware package Image Quality Assessment and Calibration tools Support
High performance image processor with advanced functionality, low power and high pixel throughput. Full camera control firmware including advanced modes for AE, AWB and AF.Sensor support program via relationships with all major sensor vendors. PC calibration for sensor noise profilling, colour calibration and lens shading calibration.Complete set of image quality metrics sensor by sensor (Imatest). Full and proven support through all stages from initial RTL through SoC verification to firmware support and module tuning.


Apical supports production cameras based on Altera Cyclone and Xilinx Spartan devices.

Apical has partnered with Altera to deliver a complete product-ready package for camera makers wishing to use the Apical ISP with specific sensors.

A complete reference design is provided on the Altera EP3C120 Development kit.






See Altera for more information.