Apical in video

Apical on Sky News

Sky News' Martin Stanford talks to Mike Tusch from APICAL about their solution for a brighter, more visible screen when using your smartphone or tablet outdoors.

Assertive Vision

Assertive Vision performing real-time people tracking and pose analysis on HD video

Our Products

Assertive Display

An advanced display management core which delivers a high-quality viewing experience even in bright sunshine and enables dramatic reductions in display power consumption.

Assertive Camera

A state-of-the-art camera sensor processor incorporating latest developments in dynamic range control, noise reduction and color processing.

Spirit (Assertive Vision)

Advanced detection, classification and tracking engine capable of accurate analysis of people and other objects in real time.

iridix HDR

Apical provides the most sophisticated and complete range of High Dynamic Range technology, based on its proprietary iridix dynamic range compression engine.

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