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Apical and Tend to Bring Intelligent and Reliable People Detection to Home Security

Technology Partnership will Lead to Secure Home Security and Control Systems Based on Understanding Human Behaviour in Real-time via ART Technology


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New KODAK Video Monitors Curb False Alarms with Smart Detection

Industry-First Technology Powered by Tend & Apical Eliminates Up to 70-98% of False Alarms

Today’s home video monitors suffer from a major annoyance: a flood of false alarms created by ceiling fans, lighting changes and other harmless movement. […]

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Apical announces ART: a unifying person-centric platform for the smart home

Apical today announces ART, a radical new concept for the smart home which uses the latest breakthroughs in machine vision intelligence to put people at the heart of their connected environment. With ART, people in the home continuously invoke an avatar, a digitized representation, capturing their four key attributes of movement, pose, gesture and identity. […]

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Apical’s Second Annual Smartphone Survey

LONDON, Feb. 19, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Apical Ltd, provider of advanced imaging technology to manufacturers of smartphones and other devices, today unveiled the results of its annual smartphone survey, illuminating surprising data about how consumers engage with their smartphone as well as demonstrating continued smartphone display functionality issues.

Key findings include that consumers still find it necessary to manually adjust the brightness on their smartphone displays; females are more likely to edit and share photos and videos on social media channels than men; and a minority of respondents ever watch their smartphone videos again. The survey findings reinforce the need for […]

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Vertu Licenses Assertive Display from Apical

With its continuous pixel adaptation and adjustment to ambient light conditions, Assertive Display brings content to life on Vertu phones


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Seedonk unveils cloud cameras with Apical’s Assertive Vision at CES 2014

FREMONT, CA, January 6, 2014 – Seedonk, Inc. – a leading provider of home video monitoring services – today announced that it will introduce people detection and advanced video analytics in its popular cloud-based consumer video monitoring service, iSecurity+.


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Apical and ARM collaborate on computational photography

Apical and ARM are collaborating to deliver novel computational photography applications which take full advantage of the hardware and software capabilities of the ARM® Mali™ GPU architecture.

Currently Apical is working with ARM on the optimization of its iridix® embedded software libraries for Mail-T604 using OpenGL® ES and OpenCL™. At the Mobile World Congress 2013 Apical was able to preview code accelerated by the GPU on an InSignal Arndale platform.


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Latest Huawei Ascend smartphones and Mediapads use Assertive Display

London 29 November  2012: Huawei’s latest Ascend smartphones and Mediapad tablets take advantage of Apical’s Assertive Display technology to extend battery life and enhance the multimedia viewing experience.

The Assertive Display engine is integrated into Hisilicon’s K3V2 quad-core application processor.


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Apical Joins HSA Foundation

AUSTIN, Texas – Aug. 31, 2012 – Today the Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA) Foundation announced six new members. The HSA Foundation is pleased to welcome Apical, Arteris Inc., MulticoreWare Inc., Sonics, Symbio and Vivante Corporation to the membership roster. Each company adds expertise to the HSA ecosystem by assisting with research, development, production, manufacture, use, and the sale of HSA IP and heterogeneous computing software and solutions.


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Apical joins Embedded Vision Alliance as founder member

OAKLAND, Calif., May 31, 2011 — More than fifteen leading technology companies— including some of the largest semiconductor companies—have joined forces to speed the adoption of computer vision capabilities in electronic products. The ability of machines to see and understand their environments—what we call “embedded vision”—promises to transform the electronics industry with products that are more intelligent and aware of their environments, and to create significant new markets for electronic equipment and components.


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