Apical, Polycom Delivering Next Generation Video Conferencing Solutions for Businesses Globally


London 5 September 2014– Apical’s Assertive Camera provides enhanced video experience for Polycom video collaboration solutions. Apical is pleased to announce that its industry-leading technologies were again selected by Polycom, a global leader in video, voice and content solutions, for its next generation video collaboration solutions.

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Apical and NGCodec announce H.265/HEVC encoder with ROI optimization via object tracking


Combining Apical’s Assertive Vision processor and NGCodec’s H.265/HEVC Encoder in an integrated circuit enables significant enhancement of video quality and bandwidth efficiency

Mobile World Congress, Barcelona – February 18, 2014 Apical™ and NGCodec™ announce new capabilities of the Apical Assertive Vision Processor and the NGCodec H.265/HEVC encoder that allow the two IP components to be seamlessly integrated into an SoC or ASIC design. At the Mobile World Congress, Apical and NGCodec will have a demonstration of this technology, which achieves much higher perceived video quality combined with a lower bitrate. It achieves this by detecting visually important regions of a video such as peoples’ bodies, using the Apical Assertive Vision processor, and encoding them with a higher quality relative to the rest of the video using the Region of Interest capabilities of the NGCodec HEVC encoder.

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Apical smartphone survey: smartphones are not so smart


Apical Smartphone survey highlights fundamental weaknesses being accommodated by users as video content pervades

When asked whether or not they adjusted the brightness on their smartphone and for what reasons, two thirds (63%) of smartphone users indicated that they had adjusted the display. Half of all users (50%) do so to save power or in some way improve the viewing experience. The youth segment aged 15-24 is most likely to change the settings and 66% of this group gave any of the aforementioned reasons to adjust the display settings.

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Nokia’s latest 4G smartphone Lumia 1520 uses Assertive Display by Apical


Apical announces that the Nokia Lumia 1520 4G Windows Phone 8 smartphone is the first smartphone from Nokia to feature its revolutionary Assertive Display technology, a result of over a decade’s research and development into modelling human vision.

By digitally modelling the way the eye adapts to virtually any ambient light, rather than simply adjusting the display, Assertive Display delivers a seamless viewing experience to the user from a dark room to bright outdoor light. Further, colour and contrast ratio are preserved delivering TV-like video quality without the familiar washout of earlier technologies.

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Apical announces the release of its new smart camera engine Assertive Vision


Boston 2 Oct 2013: Apical, a UK company which provides advanced imaging and video technology to many chipmakers and OEMs, today announced the release of its Assertive Vision embedded processor at the Embedded Vision Summit in Boston, USA.

Apical’s Assertive Vision is a real-time detection, classification and tracking engine capable of accurate analysis of people and other objects. It is designed for integration into system-on-chip devices and requires no external compute resources.

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